About Us

Aiming to solve all kinds of legal issues in accordance with justice and fairness, Ülke Law Office provides legal consultancy and advocacy services in many fields in English and Turkish. 

Ülke Law Firm’s primary purpose is providing quick and easy solutions to all kinds of legal problems of its clients.

Founder of Ülke Law Firm, Lawyer Eylül Aybüke Yıldız completed her education at İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University and received her law degree (LL.B). After completing her legal internship by working for different law offices, she established Ülke Law Firm.

In Ülke Law firm, we are working for you in accordance with the awareness that the lawyer client relationship is based on trust. Clients are informed at every stage of their legal disputes.

According to Attorneys’ act, we have confidentially obligation. The information about your legal issues is not shared with any third parties.

Effective and solution-oriented services are provided in a way to protect the rights of clients who receive legal consultancy or advocacy services.