Recognition and Enforcement 

A state’s courts’ judgment have no force by themselves in another state. This situation can be problematic because it can cause loss of  rights. For foreign court judgments and arbitral awards, recognition and enforcement is needed to make them binding in Turkey. Ulke Law Firm provides advocacy service for the recognition and enforcement of foreing awards and court orders. If clients does not want to get this kind of service, persuing a claim before Turkish courts is an option too. However, recognition or enforcement is recommended if there is a foreign court order because they generally take less time than a new trial process in Turkey.

Corporate Law

Ülke Law Firm provides legal consultancy services such as formation of a company, amalgamations, acquisitions, increase or decrease of capital, prepare a contact etc. to Turkish and foreign corporates in consideration of legislations. Also, we provide service to ensure that transactions are done in accordance with the law for companies. 

Family Law

Ülke Law Firm provides advocacy and consultancy services for Turkish and foreign clients regarding the disputes related to family law such as divorce, parentage actions, denial of paternity, invalidity of marriage, alimonies, child welfare, matrimonial property etc. We also help our clients to understand their obligations and rights in family law. 

Labor Law

Working conditions, work-related rights, obligations of employees and employers, branch of employment contract are the subjects of labor law. since the increase of workers in the private sector, the aforementioned issues gets more and more significant every day. Ülke Law Firm provides services for the resolution of legal disputes between the labors and employees.

Inheritance Law

Ulke Law Firm provides legal consultancy and advocacy services on inheritance law matters such as annulment of will, disclaimer of inheritance, action for abatement, appointment of heirs, disinheritance, preparing inheritance agreement etc. Getting services from a lawyer in these kinds of matters is important to prevent loss or protection of rights.

Criminal Law

Criminal law which determines the criminal offenses and punishments is a form of public law. Since there is possibility of liberty restrictive sanctions, it is essential to get legal services for criminal law issues. Ülke Law Firm provides services to its clients at every stage of legal process from the inquiry to the execution of the court judgments.